Friday, 24 March 2017

Co- Parenting- when kids play you up against each other

I know there are many parents who will agree that playing up one parent against the other is a normal childhood rite of passage, one parent is usually easier to win over or manipulate and this leads to the whole but mommy said I could or vice versa, I know growing up my dad was the parent who hated confrontation and whose usual answer was either ask your mother or if happened to say mom said ask you (which never happened) then he would mutter yes ok just to get us off his back or to stop the whining. 

Now that I have kids I have encountered an interesting dynamic between my ex and my husband.

You see with my ex it seems I am the easier parent at least according to my kids… and with my husband he is the one who lets Jesse in particular get away with blue murder…

For example last night I had to go and fetch Loghan from his father and when I pulled into our driveway at home just after 8 I expected Jesse to be sound asleep, however when I got inside he was wide awake and eating a yogurt, I was of course upset and proceeded to tell hubby he needed to get him to sleep whilst I sorted Loghan out, Jesse was by this time over tired and irritated he cried and threw a tantrum and it caused a major issue, I chose to carry on and ignore it because as far as I was concerned my husband had made his bed and now he needed to deal with.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

life lately, contemplations and doubt

I know I have been somewhat lax with my blog lately, it hasn’t been intentional, I have attempted a post many times of the last few weeks but have just ended up scraping it a few lines in.

It’s been a really emotional and turbulent time for me as a mom and us as a family, I wouldn’t say I have been depressed, but I have been contemplating a lot of things and my mind has been overly occupied with doubt and questioning.

As a mom you always want what is best for your kids and you always hope that you have made the best decisions and choices in life for them, this can be somewhat disheartening when everything you try seems to hit a brick wall and when you are made to feel like a crappy parent who is just not giving it your all.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ninja Mom

If there is one thing that motherhood has taught me its to be quick of thought or fast on my feet so to speak.

I have explained before how important the whole tooth fairy debacle is in my family.  Loghan is at an age where he is starting to question belief in things such as fairies and father xmas etc, father xmas doesn't bother me but for some reason the tooth fairy does, I don't know maybe because it was such an important belief for me as a child.

Anyhoo Gabriel is still very much a believer and on Friday he happened to lose one of 3 lose teeth... yes three.  He was so over the moon excited and we laid his tooth out on a special china plate ready for the fairy to come in the night.

Friday night I wasn't feeling to hot and we had plans for the next day that had occupied my thought space for most of the evening so when I went to bed the thought of that tooth went completely out the window.