Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Finding a purpose

Growing up I always wanted to be a mom in fact I would go so far as to say that even as a young girl I believed my purpose in life was to grow up get married and raise children, yes I wanted to be a fashion designer as well but for me being a mother was my ultimate wish and goal.

So I grew up and at the tender age of 19 I gave birth to the light of my life, well one of three; my Loghan, unmarried and unemployed but hey I was a mom I had fulfilled my purpose right? I had ambled through childhood and by the grace of the gods my teens, I never felt like I fit in anywhere or that I could do anything right, becoming a mom was going to be it for me, my purpose fulfilled it was going to be something that I rocked at.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Fidget n' Flip Toy Reveiw

So we as parents all know how a craze can come into our lives at a feverish pace, in our days it was Pokémon slammers and Tamagotchi’s today’s; generation have had everything from loom bands to checkers minis.

So I’m pretty sure almost all parents have come into contact with, had to purchase or have at least heard of fidget toys, fidget cubes or fidget spinners, personally we have both in our household and I for one am constantly fidgeting even as an adult I am constantly tapping my foot or clicking a pen and I think that spinners and cubes are great when used appropriately i.e. they are not actually meant to be toys but anti-anxiety and focus aids.

Up until recently I was unaware of the vast array of fidget toys and resources available and so I was incredibly excited when I was contacted by the lovely Nicky Sacharowitz to review the latest fidget tool, the Fidget n' Flip.